Join the QCCC

Why Join the QCCC?

The QCCC is the authority and voice for Canada’s highly skilled NDT and field heat treatment professionals. We represent your right to fair wages and working conditions while furthering the highest standards of safety, work quality and conduct in the industry.  

Through collective bargaining, we advocate for our members' specialized expertise and negotiate the best possible financial, physical, and mental well-being for them.  

QCCC members enjoy: 

Legal Representation 

  • Protection against unfair labour practices (grievance management) 
  • WCB Advocacy ensures your best interests. 
  • The cost of legal representation can be prohibitive to individuals. Unions ensure everyone can obtain fair representation. 

Focus on Safety 

  • Clear safety procedures and support for your right to refuse unsafe work. 
  • Studies have shown that unionized workforces enjoy safer working conditions than non-unionized ones. Workers are more empowered to “speak up” about their concerns, and the employer is likelier to listen.  


  • Members earn 10 to 30% more than non-members. 
  • Properly Paid Overtime/Double-Time (not banked for lieu time-off). 
  • Various premiums for specialized work and night shift 
  • Guaranteed wage structure according to certifications (link to wage calculator/tables). 
  • Paid weekly. 
  • Proper and fair compensation for driving time 


  • Earned-hours contributions (when you’re on overtime, so is your pension). 
  • There is no personal contribution requirement. 
  • Large fund with above-average growth.

Free Training  

  • National Training Fund allows members to have all costs associated with training & certification reimbursed.  
  • 3 training centers across Canada provide industry-leading training opportunities, including advanced techniques
  • The National Certification Coordinator assists members through the certification process. 

Workplace Representation 

  • Ability to participate in union activities (job stewardship, advisory panels) 
  • Business Agents who represent employees are always available and trained in conflict resolution. 

More Jobs 

  • Our members can access job sites in Canada across multiple sectors. 
  • An Out-Of-Work List allows faster return to work. 
  • Over 100 signatory company locations across the country. 

Extended Health Benefits 

  • Superior Dental, Vision, and Extended Health Care (link) 
  • Prescription Drug Plan 
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Long & Short-Term Disability Coverage 
  • Life Insurance 

Scholarships and Bursaries 

  • Children of good-standing members can apply for the Lance Yearley Scholarship of up to $2,500. 

How do I Join?

There are two ways you can join the QCCC 

1.  Organize Your Company: 

  • Bring your company into the union through an employee-led organizing drive.  Click here to get started: Organizing

2.  Join After Starting Work with a Signatory Contractor: 

Once You Work for a Signatory Contractor: 
  • Submit your application. 
  • Pay your initiation fee. 
  • Work at least 500 hours (waived for ticketed employees).