What is a Union?

A union is an organization of workers formed to advance members’ interests with respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. 


  • Represent workers in employer negotiations. 
  • Protect your rights as a worker and fight for an overall better quality of life for you and your family. 
  • Steward the highest standards of safety, work quality, and conduct in the industry. 

"The majority of NDT and Field Heat Treatment technicians in Canada are unionized."


What have unions done for you? 

We can thank unions for many benefits we enjoy today, like 40-hour workweeks, overtime, minimum wage, child labour laws, and the right to safe working conditions. Your time at work is valuable, and your compensation should reflect that. Unions fought hard to ensure that your rights were protected by law.  

Unions are still a vital service to the workforce they serve. The gap between wealthy corporations and the middle class is widening at an alarming rate. Unions protect workers' rights to a fair wage and a good quality of life. 

By strengthening the union's power through organizing and securing industry market share, we can ensure that our voices will continue to be heard. 

What is Organizing?

Organizing, also known as unionizing, is the process by which employees elect to have the union represent them in the workplace. It is your legal right to organize, and this right is protected by the Constitution under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Freedom of Association). 

You do not need your employer’s permission to unionize.  


How to Organize: 

STEP 1: Contact us to connect with a Union Organizer. They will provide confidential support, explain your legal rights, advise you through the process, and help you gain a stronger voice.  

STEP 2: With the help of an Organizer, you will talk to your coworkers to start an organizing drive. You and your coworkers know best what issues are most important to you, so with the support of the Union, you will be your best advocate. At this point, your employer may or may not be aware that an organizing drive is in progress. Your organizer will familiarize you and prepare you for these potential Union Busting Tactics [click here]. Remember, your right to organize is protected by law.  

STEP 3: Sign a petition or union card. This is a democratic process where employees sign to indicate their desire for union representation. The anonymity of anyone participating in this process is protected by law. Your Union Organizer will guide and support you and your coworkers throughout this process. At this point, your employer may or may not be aware that this process is happening.  

Once a minimum percentage of employees have signed, the Union applies for certification with a Labour Relations Board and the employer is notified. The employer is prevented by law from making any changes to your employment once the application is filed.   

STEP 4: A secret ballot vote determines whether most employees favour union representation. If a majority (50% +1 vote or more) is in favour, the union is certified to become your representative and negotiate on your behalf.  

Remember: Every company starts as a non-union company until the choice is made to become a union. We have done this before and are here to support you.     

All inquiries are strictly confidential. 

For more information, please contact the QCCC Office and speak with an Organizer.  1-877-466-5898