Standard for Excellence

Standard for Excellence  

QCCC Members and Signatory Employers  

Member and QCCC Responsibilities:  

To ensure the Standard for Excellence (“SFE”) platform meets and maintains its goals, the QCCC Representatives, the Stewards, and the membership, expect all members to:  

  • Meet their responsibilities to the employer and their fellow workers by arriving at the job ready to work, every day on time.  
  • Adhere to the contractual starting and quitting times, including lunch and break periods.  
  • Use and promote the QCCC’s National Training Society and approved 3rd party training to the membership so the members continue their education, thus ensuring QCCC members are the most highly trained and sought-after technicians.  
  • Meet their responsibility to be fit for duty.  
  • Be productive and keep inactive time to a minimum.  
  • Meet their contractual responsibility to eliminate disruptions on the job and safely work towards the on-time completion of the project.  
  • Refrain from unethical acts and adhere to NRCan NDTCB (Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body) Code of Conduct.  
  • Respect the employers’ & customers' property, rules, and policies.  
  • Conduct themselves with the highest level of ethical conduct including not duplicating, sharing or disclosing the employers or client’s ownership of procedures, techniques, reports or any other material considered the employers or clients rightful property.   
  • Return all employer or client owned property including vehicles, cell phones, laptops, manuals, consumables, and tools of trade etc., in reasonable condition when a member leaves the employment of any contractor.    
  • Respect the QCCC and Local Union bylaws.  
  • Respect the QCCC social media policy.  
  • Respect the QCCC, the customer, the client, and the employer by dressing in a manner appropriate for our highly skilled profession.  
  • Follow safe, reasonable, and legitimate time management directives.  

Employer and Management Responsibilities:  

The Nondestructive Testing Management (Canada) Association (“NDTMA”) and their signatory employers have the right and responsibility to manage their jobs effectively, and as such have the following responsibilities under the SFE.  Employers shall manage, supervise, and coach members to act safely, efficiently, respectfully, and with integrity while performing their job responsibilities and shall correct behaviors and actions that are misaligned with the SFE. The Employer and management responsibilities under the SFE are to:  

  • Inform the respective QCCC office of any pending disciplinary or investigative meetings to address the actions of members where the member’s presence is required.   
  • Replace ineffective superintendents, general foreperson, foreperson, technicians, helpers, trainees.   
  • Provide recognition for a job well done.  
  • Ensure that all necessary tools and equipment are readily available to employees.  
  • Minimize workers' downtime by ensuring that job sheets, procedures, reports, required equipment and consumables are readily available in a timely manner.  
  • Provide proper storage for employer and employee tools.  
  • Provide the necessary leadership and problem-solving skills to jobsite Supervision.  
  • Ensure jobsite leadership takes the necessary ownership of mistakes created by management decisions.  
  • Provide encouragement for employees, and if necessary, provide fair and consistent discipline.  
  • Create and maintain a safe work environment by providing site specific training, proper equipment and following occupational health and safety guidelines.  
  • Promote and support continued education and training for employees while encouraging career building skills.  
  • Employ an adequate number of trained employees to efficiently perform the work in a safe manner.   
  • Treat all employees in a respectful and dignified manner, while acknowledging their contributions to a successful project.  
  • Cooperate and communicate with the Steward.  
  • Educate the Foreperson, General Foreperson, Superintendents, and other management in the SFE policy.  

Problem Resolution through the SFE:  

Under the SFE, all parties have duties and are accountable in achieving successful resolutions.  

  • The parties should hold regular meetings where the management team, the QCCC Representative, and the Steward will discuss issues regarding job progress, work schedules, and other issues affecting the work process.  
  • Management will Inform the respective QCCC Representative of any pending disciplinary or investigative meetings where the member’s presence is required.  
  • Management will address concerns brought forth by the Steward or QCCC Representative in a professional and timely manner.  
  • Employers will establish a course of action to allow the Steward and/or QCCC Representative to communicate with higher levels of management in the event there is a breakdown with the manager responsible.  
  • The QCCC or the Employer may involve the customer when their input is prudent in finding a solution.  
  • Individual members not complying with the SFE policy may be brought before the Local Union Executive Board and or QCCC Region, which will address such members’ failure to meet their obligation to the Local and the QCCC, up to and including filing charges. The Local Union’s/QCCC role is to use all available means to correct the compliance problem.