Advanced Ultrasonics


TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)

Course Description

See Lavender International website for course syllabus.


CGSB Lev 2 UT or equivalent and working knowledge of the Olympus Omniscan

Course Material

All Student manuals, handouts, and textbooks will be provided which will become the property of the student.

Classroom Hours

Unless otherwise notified classes will be conducted from 08:00 - 16:30 daily.


Student will be required to attend 100% of the course to be eligible to complete the testing and advancement.


BINDT PCN Lev 2 certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course, written and practical exams, and demonstration of the requisite practical experience. These will be issued by the BINDT.


Equipment required for the course will be supplied by the QCC NTS:

  • Omniscan MX2 with 16/128 module with 2 BNC sockets
  • Omniscan loaded with TOFD software option
  • Battery charger/power supply for Omniscan
  • Mini wheel encoder compatible with Omniscan
  • Memory card reader to download data to computer
  • TOFD caliper set with at least 60 degree and 70 degree wedges
  • TOFD transducers compatible with wedges
    • Pair of 5 MHz 0.25" diameter crystal
    • Pair of 10 MHz 0.125" diameter crystal
  • Pre-amplifier (battery powered) Cables to connect transducers and pre-amplifier to the Omniscan

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