QCC 800 - NDT Math Skills Training Course

Course Description:

The NDT Math Skills training course is designed as a math refresher for technicians to help them to be successful in any of the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) courses. This training course will give an overview of the topics that are covered on the Basic Mathematic Skills Exam that is a prerequisite requirement of NRCan and CAN/CGSB-48.9712.


Supporting documentation of the following must be submitted with your registration form in order to be registered for the NDT Math Skills training course:

  • Proof of age (e.g., copy of photo ID, drivers license, or a passport)

**Please note that Registrants must meet all perquisites before the registration will be completed.


Students are required to have the following with them to participate in the class:

  • Basic scientific calculator, pens, pencils, and a ruler

Course Materials:

All student learning materials will be provided on the first day of the course.


Classroom Hours:

Unless otherwise notified, classes are 8am-4:30 pm Monday-Friday.



NDT Math Skills training course certificates will be issued to each student that successfully completes the course and final exam. Attendance will be recorded daily and in order to successfully pass the course, students must receive a grade ≥70%.


For further information, go to the NRCan website.

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