Mission | Vision | Values


The Quality Control Council is the authority and voice for Canada’s highly skilled nondestructive testing and field heat treatment professionals.

We represent the rights of members to fair wages and working conditions while furthering the highest standards of safety, work quality and conduct in the industry.


A united nondestructive testing and field heat treatment industry that values QCC’s leadership in advocating for the specialized expertise of our members, and negotiating the best possible financial, physical, and mental well-being for them.



Strong, confident voice

  • Educate industry about the necessity for the specialized skills of nondestructive testing and field heat treatment technicians
  • Advocate on behalf of members for job protection and security, fair and reasonable compensation, and safety
  • Leadership and representation as a strong union voice in Canada

Engagement and communication

  • Collaborate with members for key decisions and directions
  • Ensure transparency and informed membership through effective, consistent, and professional communication
  • Draw on members’ input to evaluate our performance

Personal and professional development

  • Promote learning and education opportunities for members to strengthen their skills
  • Provide access to support resources to enable members’ mental and physical wellbeing and professional success
  • Encourage mentoring and youth development for effective succession

Cutting edge solutions

  • Foster innovation, advanced technology and using state-of-the-art equipment on the job

Pride of work

  • Demonstrate and expect the highest standards of excellence in work quality
  • Demand the highest degree of professional conduct of members including timeliness, cleanliness, show up ready to work, be well-mannered
  • Show initiative and provide solutions to problems

Do the right thing

  • At all times, behave with integrity, respect, honesty, and fairness
  • Be inclusive of everyone and respect individual diversity
  • Support our communities through volunteerism, sponsorship, and donations