Field Heat Treatment Training Course

This training course is designed to introduce technicians to Field Heat Treatment testing within the NDT (Non Destructive Testing)/NDE (Non Destructive Examination) industry. Participants will learn basic requirements for proper safety measures and acquiring accurate information.

Heat Treatment Training Info:

Level I Requirements: Minimum 1,000 hours and 6 months field experience
Level II Requirements: Completion of Level I and within 500 hours of Level II completion
Level III Requirements: Completion of Level II and within 500 hours of Level III completion
Level IV Requirements: Completion of Level III, full number of hours and time as per the Collective Agreement

Members completing Field Heat Treatment courses prior to obtaining hour and time requirement as per CBA will not be advanced to their next Level until these requirements have been verified. The Occupation Certification exam is administered during the Level IV course, so members must have all hours and time completed prior to writing the exam.

Members meeting the requirements to write the certification exam can contact Bruce Stewart for any additional training/refreshing necessary.

Members with 6 years experience and 10,000 hours are eligible to challenge the Field Heat Treatment certification exam and would have to complete the application and pay the fee ($450.00). Further information on this certification exam challenge can be found on the Trade Secrets Website tradesecrets@gov.ab.ca.

Other Info:


This is required for all courses. Please contact Bruce Stewart at bruce@qcccanada.com or 780-488-3455 ext. 1 (office) or 780-722-7749 (cell) to confirm registration.


Hours and time worked as per the Quality Control Agreement and you must be in good standing with your local prior to attending courses.

Course Materials:

All student manuals, handouts and textbooks will be provided which will become the property of the student.

Classroom Hours:

Unless otherwise notified classes will be conducted from 08:30 - 16:30 daily, Monday to Friday.


Student are required to attend 100% of the course to be eligible to complete the testing and advancement.

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The Field Heat Treatment equipment is all representative of that used in the field including three stress relieving systems.